VMAP Disclaimer

VMAP is a vog research and forecast project funded by the USGS through a cooperative agreement with the School of Ocean and Earth Sciences and Technology that will end on September 30, 2011. It is a feasibility study and not a government-mandated service. The funding level only permits a limited service and reliability and thus these data should not be used for decision making purposes. It is our hope to gradually expand the products available and to improve the quality of the products over time. The general public is welcome to use the VMAP at this time with no expectation of accuracy or timeliness. We welcome constructive comments from all VMAP users, and strive to provide the best possible service consistent with our mission and resources. Inquiries into actual measured values and concerns regarding hazardous conditions should be directed to the appropriate agency such as the Hawaii State Department of Health. The VMAP website is intended to be complementary to the data provided by other state and federal agencies.

MODEL STATUS: the vog model's graphical display is a better indication of the distribution of vog than the specific concentrations listed in tabular form. The tabular data are less reliable and can fluctuate significantly below and above actual measured values. Note that PM2.5 observed values include SO4 as well as all other aerosols smaller than 2.5 microns including dust, salts, and other pollutants.