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Symposium on Seeing

Scientific Sessions

Session 1.

Instrumentation and observations to quantify the magnitude and distribution of atmospheric optical turbulence.

Session 2.

Adaptive optics, interferometry, and other approaches to mitigate atmospheric optical turbulence.

Session 3.

Approaches for modeling atmospheric optical turbulence.

Session 4.

Applications of optical turbulence observations and custom forecasting in telescope astronomy.

Session 5.

Panel lead session to develop a science plan for a field experiment.

Poster Session (Thursday, March 22 10:30am - 12:00pm)

Session 1a - Standard Instruments and Calibration)

Manuel Nunez
Intercalibration between DIMM units

Antonia M. Varela
On the use of satellite data for Atmospheric Extinction Studies

Jesus J. Fuensalida
Dome seeing subtraction from G-SCIDAR measurements

Begola Garcia-Lorenzo
Evaluation of projection effects when determining the velocity vector of turbulence layers velocity from G-SCIDAR observations

Begola Garcia-Lorenzo
Determination of the velocity vector of turbulence layers from G-SCIDAR

Session 1b - New Instruments and Methods)

Antonia M. Varela
DIMMA: the First Unmanned Differential Image Motion Monitor

Michael Thomsen
An automatic Mass-Dimm system at Palomar Observatory (Poster)
PDF File
Rodriguez Hernandez
The hybrid Shack-Hartmann/G-SCIDAR instrument (Poster)

Andrei Tokovinin
Characterizing ground-layer turbulence with a simple lunar scintillometer
Power Point

Jose M. Delgado
A G-SCIDAR instrument for the inter-calibration of the atmospheric turbulence between the Roque de los Muchachos and Paranal observatories

Zouhair Benkhaldoun
From the simulated annealing method to Single Star Scidar

Session 1c - Campaigns and Results

John McHugh
Turbulence measurents over Mauna Kea

Sebastian Egner
Generalized Scidar measurements at Mt. Graham
PDF File

Yusufjon Tillayev
Preliminary results of site testing campaigns at Samarkand and Suffa observatories in Uzbekistan

Benkhaldoun Zouhair
Some observing campaigns with Single Star SCIDAR

Pablo Recabarren
Site testing in the northwest of the Argentina
Power Point

Steven Crawford
The Past, Present, and Future of Site Testing for the Southern African Large Telescope (SALT)

Antonia M Varela
Climatology at the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory: tropospheric and ground level regimes

Session 3

Abdelouahed Abahamid
Preliminary study of the seasonal variation of optical seeing above Ouka?meden site in the Moroccan High Atlas Mountains

Darielle Dexheimer
Analysis of diurnal and seasonal variation of Fried's coherence length, isoplanatic angle, and greenwood frequency

El Arbi Siher
Atmospheric conditions by dust pollution over ELT sites

Amokrane Berdja
How to Monte-Carlo Simulate the Optical Turbulence Boiling Beyond the Frozen Flow Hypothesis

Session 4

Gianluca Lombardi
El Roque de Los Muchachos site characteristics
PDF File

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