Current Conditions
Temp1.9 C
RH10 %
WindSSE 58 mph
Road Status: Closed

Monday, November 20, 2017 - 12:48 p.m.

The road to the summit of Maunakea is closed to the public at the Visitor Information Station at an elevation of 9,200 feet, due to high winds on the summit. The National Weather Service has a high wind warning in effect for Big Island summits til 6PM today. Rangers will continue to monitor conditions and this message will be updated periodically.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Maunakea Rangers

This announcement is primarily used to inform the public about road closures. Road closures typically occur during winter months due to ice or snow on the road and occasionally for high wind situations. Specific road closure criteria are listed below:

1. Any ice or snow on the road.
2. Winds greater than 55 mph for more than 1 hour and/or gusts greater than 65mph.
3. Visibility less than 50 feet.
4. Any emergent condition that makes the road unsafe for travel.

There are very few road closures from April 1 through November 30, and this message will not be updated during this time period unless unusual circumstances develop.

The rest of this website is regularly updated with the summit weather forecast and is a useful source of current Mauna Kea weather conditions.

More Information: Mauna Kea weather varies widely. A calm sunny day may quickly become treacherous with hurricane force winds and blizzard conditions. Summit winds above 120 mph are not uncommon. Snowstorms have even occurred during the summer months.

When conditions are too dangerous, the Summit Access road is closed at the Visitor Information Station to ensure everyone's safety. The road is re-opened as soon as the weather and the roads are safe again.

Traffic delays and road closures on the summit access road may also occur due to the use and transport of heavy equipment, slow vehicle movements, deliveries, road maintenance, stalled or abandoned vehicles, hikers and bikers. Remember that dust, fog or snow can reduce visibility and slow traffic. Specific road closure criteria is listed below:

1. Any ice or snow on the road.
2. Winds greater than 55 mph for one hour and/or gusts greater than 65 mph.
3. Visibility less than 50 feet.
4. Any emergent condition that makes the road unsafe for travel.

Mahalo for your understanding.

Public road conditions and snow report message: (808) 935-6268
Summit Weather via the CFHT/GEMINI WX Tower and SUBARU

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Nov 20 2017, 14:49 HST Minimum Maximum UTC | HST
Temperature 1.9 oC -4.9 oC @ 18:06 2.5 oC @ 13:53 oC | K | F
Wind Chill -7.5 oC -17.6 oC @ 18:07 -11.7 oC @ 14:41 oC | K | F
Relative Humidity 10% 5% @ 23:44 27% @ 19:16
Pressure 610 mb 609 mb @ 16:49 612 mb @ 10:40
Wind speed 58 mph 44 mph @ 12:22 73 mph @ 16:53 mph | Kts | m/s
Wind direction SSE

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Precipitation (as of 8 am) 0.00 mm

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Fog No

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Visiting Mauna Kea Observatories Information
Road is always closed the morning after a snowfall.
Road is always closed while snow removal equipment is in operation.
Road is closed when the pavement has ice/snow.
Snow removal equipment can only remove snow. Thermal heating is needed to remove the final layer of ice that usually forms under the snow.
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