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Menu of Text Products for the Hawaiian Islands and Surrounding Waters:
Current/Recent Hawaiian Warnings, Watches, and Advisories:
Urgent Weather Message
Special Marine Warning

Latest Observations: Wind Field | Station Table

Radiosonde Data
Latest Available Data
1400 HST
Sun 16 Dec 2018

0000 UTC
Mon 17 Dec 2018
SkewT Diagram

1400 HST
Sun 16 Dec 2018

0000 UTC
Mon 17 Dec 2018
SkewT Diagram

Rawinsonde diagrams are updated daily at 0310 HST (1310 UTC) and 1510 HST (0110 UTC).
Archive Soundings from the Department of Atmospheric Science at the University of Wyoming

Satellite Data
GOES-10 Imagery: Hawaii Wide Views | Island Closeups | Tropical Central/Eastern Pacific
Hawaiian Islands Satellite Interpretation Summary
Central and North Pacific Satellite Discussion
NOAA Office of Satellite Operations
Hawaii Earth Observing Station

Radar Images
Latest HNL NWS Mosaic Image
WRS-88D Reflectivity and other Level III products

Tropical Cyclones
Active Central Pacific Tropical Systems: None
Central North Pacific Tropical Weather Outlook
GOES-10 Imagery for the Tropical Central/Eastern Pacific

NWS North Pacific Surface Analysis: 00 UTC | 06 UTC | 12 UTC | 18 UTC
Honolulu Facsimile Charts from NOAA/NWS Pacific Region

Numerical Model Output
GFS | Astronomy MM5 | Hawaii Weather and Climate Modeling Ohana
RSM/MSM and MM5 applications in Hawai'i.

Mountain Observations and Forecasts
Current Observations, Forecast, Live Cams, and Road Conditions for Mauna Kea, Hawaii
Current Conditions at Haleakala, Maui
Mauna Loa Observatory (Hawaii)

Climate Information
Hawaii Climate Data and a Narrative Summary of the Climate of Hawaii.
Hawaii State Climate Office (HSCO)
Western Regional Climate Center

Civil Defense Messages/Warnings
Kauai County
Oahu County
Maui County
Hawaii County

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